La Pedrera. A masterpiece of nature

Director: Eudald Tomasa

Producer: Fundacio Catalunya La Pedrera

Producer Company:





The animation builds a story that begins "denying" the authorship of Gaudi regarding the Building, to conclude that it is a "masterpiece of nature". The story traces the evolution of the building as if it were an island carved by the sea and conquered by nature. The water modeled its forms, nature conquered this space (palm trees, flowers, butterflies ...) crystallizing in the building. To finally create an absolute natural emergence, inhabited by fantastic beings, the warriors of the terrace.


La Pedrera is one of the works that culminate the career of Antoni Gaudi and undoubtedly the one that best expresses the natural inspiration of the architect. Nature is revealed everywhere in La Pedrera. Therefore, the purpose of this audiovisual production was to highlight the "absolutely natural" character of La Pedrera, by creating an animation that recounted this "radical" natural origin.