Proença-a-Nova in 150 seconds

Director: LUA Filmes

Producer: LUA Filmes



The natural landscapes of Proença-a-Nova and its built heritage are highlighted in this video, especially the fluvial beaches, the Center of Living Science of the Forest, the Roman bridge, windmill and watermill, the geosite that integrates the UNESCO Geopark, the schist village of Figueira and the natural monument of Portas of Almourão. In 150 seconds we show what you can discover in Proença-a-Nova, inviting you to stay for several days to be enchanted by everything else we have not shown.


The natural landscapes, the welcoming and hospitable people, the richness of traditional gastronomy and a cultural program that promotes all of these aspects throughout the year make Proença-a-Nova a tourist destination of excellence for those who like to explore new places. It is in this sense that the Municipality has bet on the tourist promotion of the potential of Proença-a-Nova, including the realization of tourist films that invite to feel and to experience the territory.