Terra Alta - Grenaches du Monde

Director: Miki Colomer

Producer: Josep Arasa



"Grenache" , "Garnacha" or "Garnatxa" is a variety of Iberian origin that was quickly implanted in the vineyards of the Mediterranean and the rest of the world. This is the most present grape in the world. Every year, there are more producers participating in this contest and by 2018, more than 800 wines from Spain, France, Italy, South Africa, Australia, Macedonia, Canada, Lebanon, Greece, etc. are expected.


In 2013, the Interprofessional Council of the Wines of the Roussillon organized the 1º contest dedicated exclusively to the "Grenache" wine variety. It is an initiative that was born in Roussillon but that travels from producing regions to producing regions every year. In a few years, it has become an unavoidable event for wine professionals throughout the world.