Tarragona, un secret al Mediterrani

Director: Tarragona Turisme

Producer: El dedo en el ojo / TARRAGONA TURISME

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Four European capitals: Paris, Rome, London and Barcelona, one objective, what does Tarragona reflect?
We show the city; heritage, festivals and tradition, beaches, and gastronomy, without revealing its location.
A social experiment to reveal if foreign people is able to identify our city, it will also help us to discover with which other Mediterranean destinations we are compared to.
A trip around Europe to discover how we present ourselves as a tourist destination.


We want to show the hidden secrets of Tarragona. We focus our strategy on brand awareness. This video expects to position Tarragona in the map and also in visitors’ mind, being an option when they plan a trip. Wants to show itself as a modern, open and living city.

Tarragona wants to differentiate itself from the other cities in the world, aspiring to be the best one explaining the history, with an accurate but entertaining dissemination and helped by the best groups of historical re-enactments.