Architectes du vivant

Director: Françoise Nolland

Producer: Henry Saubot



Groupama, an institutional investor with strong agricultural roots, plans and manages its forest investments in the long term (unit of measurement: a century!) taking into account climate change, biodiversity, landscape balance, waste recycling, offsetting of carbon emissions, wildlife, and more. As the 3rd largest private owner of forests in France (20,000 hectares), the Group also puts its forest-related knowledge to use in its urban building projects, striving for instance to help create new urban ecosystems. Vision, passion, know-how, but also humility, sharing, transmission, social responsibility and sustainable development: all of these can be seen in this film that is both poetic and committed, conveying the group??s desire through its forests to bring a new angle to finance, and to rely on the past to help build the future. Conclusion of the film: ??Real life is also...?


European law and regulations require a mutual insurance company like Groupama to have considerable assets as a guarantee of its business strength and capacity to honour its Non-Life and Life insurance commitments. While people are often aware of strictly financial or property investments, the same cannot be said for forest investments, patiently built up over nearly a century, which the group manages directly in keeping with its roots and CSR values: long-term vision, grass-roots proximity, and love of the earth. It is important for elected representatives, members and employees of Groupama to become aware of the existence of this forest heritage, know how it is managed and be proud of it. More generally, the film also informs the public of the positive impact that financial institutions?? investment practices can have.