Portugal Genial - Carnaval da Terceira (Terceira Island Carnival)

Director: I'M IN MOTION

Producer: I'M IN MOTION



On this "Portugal Genial" rubric from Imagens de Marca tv magazine, we travel to the Terceira Island (azores - Portugal) and learn about the geniality of the Terceira carnival . One of the largest creative manifestation of Portugal, that we got to know just a few days away from  the beggining of the festivities. We joined rehearls and preparations of the performing groups and witnessed a moment that mobilizes the whole Island.

It is an event prepared troughout two monts,  that gathers thousands, thus creating an direct and indirect impact at the island´s economy.


The objective of this piece, is to show to the audience, that the carnival at the Terceira Island is a very singular  celebration rather different from the tradicional carnival festivity on all of Portugal