The bases of the TERRES TRAVEL FESTIVAL – Films & Creativity are available in Catalan, Spanish and English.

The eigth edition of the TERRES TRAVEL FESTIVAL – Films & Creativity will be held from September 13 to 21, 2024.

This festival is co-organized by Terres Landscape & Travel Communication, SL and the City Hall of Tortosa.


terres has 2 competitions in competition: TOURIST COMMUNICATION and DOCUMENTARY.

The first of the competitions (TOURIST COMMUNICATION) accepts productions of up to 10 ‘in duration.

This competition is divided into 4 metacategories and different subcategories:

1. Tourist Destinations:

1.1. Country

1.2. Region

1.3. City

2. Tourism products

2.1. Rural Destination

The film promotes a rural destination or equipment located in a rural setting

2.2. Cultural Destination

The film promotes a destination as an asset of special cultural interest, whether it is a route or specific facilities

2.3. Active and sports tourism, nautical, snow and adventure

The film shows tourism activities related to the practice of sports

2.4. Expeditions and discovery

The film illustrates itineraries where adventure and the spirit of discovery prevail

2.5. Events

The film documents an event linked to the tourist promotion of a facility, a city, a region or a country

2.6. Business Tourism

The film shows business or public initiatives dedicated to promoting business tourism

2.7. Film tourism

The film shows the specific promotional activity of the Film Commissions and Film Offices or illustrates the variety of locations in a city, region or country to become a filming location for audiovisual productions.

2.8. Gastronomic Experiences and Wine Tourism

The film illustrates the activities of private establishments or public agents to promote gastronomic or wine tourism.

2.9. Authentic experiences, linked to the territory

The film shows tourist activities with a strong personality, linked to a specific territory

3. Tourism services:

3.1. Tourist Accommodation

The film promotes dedicated accommodation facilities

3.2. Health and Wellness

The film promotes facilities, destinations or routes that base their activity on the promotion of health and well-being

3.3. Mobility

The film shows initiatives or services linked to passenger mobility

3.4. Accessible and Responsible Tourism

The film illustrates tourist activities that stand out for their integrative nature or the promotion of accessibility to all types of people.

3.5. Business action

The film shows business initiatives that stand out especially for their originality, their ecological impact or their social impact.

3.6. Innovation

The film shows initiatives by public agents or private actors that stand out for their innovative and transformative vocation.

4. Independent Travel Film

The film is made by an independent producer

The DOCUMENTARY competition accepts web-sites, TV shows, short films (up to 29′), medium-length films (up to 45′) and feature films (up to 120′):

1. Adventures, expeditions and routes
2. Biographies
3. History and Heritage
4. Sustainable tourism
5. Preservation of the planet
6. Ethnography and society
7. Corporate documentaries
8. Transports and Eco-mobility
9. Social Responsibility
10. Arts, Music and Culture

In all cases, in order to formalize the registration, each user will have to:

  1. Fill in a card on the intranet of the festival for each production presented
  2. Pay the registration fee for each production presented

Users can consult any doubt that arises at any stage of the process of registration at


All films or campaigns entered at the festival must have been produced after January 1, 2022.


The Festival accepts registrations in any language. However, all the films presented must have subtitles in English, Catalan or Spanish.


All registrations must be registered before May 31, 2024 at 24.00 (CET).


To formalize the inscription, for each of the recorded films you will need:

Proof of payment of the registration fee via bank transfer or Paypal ( or in the account ES88 0081 0132 1600 0137 9339 (BANC SABADELL)

Registration form filled out at the festival’s intranet, stating:

  • Title of production:
  • Director:
  • Producer:
  • Year (minimum 2020):
  • Duration (seconds):
  • Synopsis (ENG)
  • Objectives (ENG)
  • 3 Movie Screenshots
  • MP4 of the inscribed film. (Resolution: Full HD 1920 x 1080; Video Codec: H264; Audio Codec: AAC)


Cancellation of registrations is not allowed. The payment of the “entry fee” must be made in euros by bank transfer to the following account:

ES88 0081 0132 1600 0137 9339 (SABADELL BANK)

Owner: Land Landscape & Travel Communication, SL

Direction: C. Jaume I, n.44, ent. 2a / 43870 AMPOSTA (SPAIN)

Or by Paypal:

Financial transfer fees will be borne by the transfer payer.


Films of up to 10′ length:

  • Until January 31, 2024: €60 (+VAT)
  • From February 1, 2023 to May 31, 2024: €90 (+VAT)


Websites, TV shows, short films, feature films and feature films:

  • Until January 31, 2024: €50 (+VAT)
  • From February 1, 2023 to May 31, 2024: €90 (+VAT)

Terres will accept movie inscriptions from the Film Freeway platform. These registrations must meet the specific requirements of this platform as well as the Terres requirements in everything related to formats, shipments and registration fees.


When signing a film at the Festival, the participant assures the ownership of all rights inherent in the registration and access to these same rights during the festival period. The registration guarantees that the rights of use held by the authors, copyrights and other agents involved in the production of the featured film, with the exception of the rights safeguarded by societies that hold rights of exhibition, they were legitimately acquired and the festival reserves the right to use it, not being prevented by copyright or other rights of third parties, whatever they may be. When a participant enrolls in a movie, the rights to use the registration are transferred to the festival, specifically the right to display the film in public, in whole or in part, or to distribute it completely or partially in promotional actions. This also applies to photos / images provided to the festival. All of the aforementioned use transfers are valid internationally.


An international jury will analyze the films enrolled and issue a verdict on those that will become part of the Official Competition. During the festival, the winners of the different categories prizes, technical prizes and special prizes will be announced, which will be presented during the festival. Awards will also be awarded to the best tourism campaigns.


Terres Travel Festival – Films & Creativity is an official member of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals – CIFFT. Since 2019, the festival integrates a circuit that brings together the World’s Best Tourism Film Festivals in four continents and altogether makes this competition the most prestigious awards and recognition initiative for Travel Video Marketing.

All films that won an award in the international competition’s tourism section will be part of the CIFFT Ranking List. At the end of the year, this ranking determines the Top of the World’s Best Tourism Films in each of the six thematic Rank Lists.
The thematic categories are: Tourism Destination – Cities; Tourism Destination – Regions; Tourism Destination – Countries; Tourism Services; Tourism Products; and Independent Travel Videos;

The rating is expressed on a scale from 4 to 18. The film receives points according to the award obtained in the festival.

Award Name


Grand Prix


Best Production (Best Documentary, Best Short Doc, Best Promotional, Best Commercial, Best Video Campaign)


1st prize/Gold


2nd prize/Silver


3rd Prize/Bronze


Arts & Craft (Best Director, Best Photography, Best Editing, Best Script/Storytelling, Best Original Music, Best Sound Design, etc.)


Special Award


Best National Award 


Finalist Certificate


Special Notes:

  1. In case that a film receives more than one award, only the highest award will be taken into account for the rank list.
  2. The awards obtained at the CIFFT candidate festivals do not count for the CIFFT Rank List.
  3. Regarding the National Competition in some of the festival members, only the Grand Prix Winner will be taken for the CIFFT Rank List.
  4. The CIFFT Rank List will be updated and published on CIFFT website, as authorized by each entrant, the week after the Awards Ceremony of each festival.

You can check the CIFFT Rank List through this link:

Don’t miss the opportunity to be among the best tourism films. Check the link below to meet the other festivals that are part of the circuit.

CIFFT Festival Members

For more information about the Ranking list or the CIFFT circuit, please contact:


The works enrolled in the competition will be evaluated previously and the winners will be notified with due anticipation. The presence of the winners at the Awards Ceremony in a scenario still to be determined from the Terres de l’Ebre in Spain is a moment of recognition, so it is recommended to come and pick up the prize during the ceremony. The decisions of the jury do not admit appeal. The decisions of the jury and of the Organization of the Festival are final and they do not admit any legal resource.

In case the Festival is canceled for reasons beyond the organization, the registration fees will be refunded.


In the event that a winner can not attend the trophy ceremony, the organization will send the trophy to the winner. The prices of the shipment will be invoiced to the interested party.

The festival offers the possibility of issuing replicas or duplicates of the trophy. The prices of the production and shipment will be invoiced to the interested party.


The Festival reserves the right to reclassify the films by directing them to other categories, whenever deemed appropriate and with the agreement of the participant. The Festival declines any responsibility for inscriptions of films that are classified in the wrong category or which give access to the Festival’s records after the stipulated term for the purpose. The responsibility of the Festival is limited to circumstances of intentional or negligent conduct that apply solely in case of loss or damage of a registered work. The Festival organization accepts no responsibility for canceling the Festival due to force majeure, unrelated to its will.


The Festival reserves the right to exhibit the works enrolled in the competition in promotional activities in order to disseminate the same in a medium deemed appropriate for the Festival. This also applies to photographs / images provided by the Festival. The participants transfer to the organization of the Festival all the applicable rights to the initiatives previously enunciated at the time of registration. Participants accept, at the same time, periodically receive the newsletter of the festival. Any notification of special interest to the participants will be sent by email. The Festival reserves the right to use all sound and image recordings made during the Festival for advertising purposes in any means of dissemination deemed appropriate for the Festival. The Festival reserves the right to exclude inscriptions of films in competition. By registering a film at the Festival, the participant accepts the rules of the contest and all its rules, being the total responsibility of the participant the possible injuries to own right or of third parties, caused or not by the use of the its registration or the provision of false information. The jurisdiction of exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute arising from or related to this regulation will be Amposta (Tarragona, Spain). Personal data will not be disclosed or ceded to third parties.