Baja Norte. La conquista de tu vida - Long version

Director: Alejandro Montalvo

Producer: Alejandro Montalvo

Country: MEX


This is an invitation for those who are looking for something out of the ordinary, something extraordinary.

For those who seek to truly feel and stop time for a moment. For those who seek to breathe freedom.


Our Inspiration was to respond to the comments that President Trump said about the migration from Mexico to the United States. When he said that Mexico sends the worst of its people. This commercial is a response to that discourse. Like the poem written by Emma Lazarus? The new Colossus ?. Our goal was to make an honest and realistic invitation to our land.


.Create an honest audiovisual piece that reflects the reality of our region.

. That had a visually universal language, that is attractive to the public of different countries.

. To show all the attractions of the region and most of its spaces.

. Generate the viewer interest to come to visit the region.