Treatise on Gijonomy. Living well is a science

Director: Asur Fuente

Producer: Carlos Barral

Producer Company: El Cohete Internacional

Agency: Eteria Marketing y Comunicación

Client: Visita Gijón/Xixón

Country: Spain


This work is part of the Treatise on Gijonomy, an "anthropological and anthological study showing places, customs and specimens of Gijon". In this documentary-style film, we let the inhabitants of Gijón bare themselves (quite literally, it might be said), express themselves, showing their true colors in their own element. 

Every morning, all year long, whether it's summer or winter, whether it's hot, cold or rainy, a good-natured group of people of all ages from Gijón gather at one of the entrances to San Lorenzo Beach, which they affectionately call "la rampina" (the small ramp). This daily activity, heroic for many, is what gives them energy for the rest of the day. 

Setting the scene for us is the group meeting up and getting ready. It's not yet dawn and it's cold. When it's time to get into the water, Bach's music lifts us to a sort of wholesome ecstasy. Daylight is already lighting up the city. A new day begins and our friends return to their everyday lives, full of health and optimism. And the rest of us take away a valuable lesson: "Living a good life... is a science in its own right". That?s what we're like in Gijón/Xixón. Pure Gijonomy. 


We've moved away from a traditional tourism communication. In Gijón you can find historical architecture, an enviable natural environment, a multitude of beaches and a lively tourism and cultural offer. But here's where the message changes. We've provided a much more human, sincere and transparent point of view. We've approached Gijón through its inhabitants, who express themselves naturally and spontaneously. We've taken a magnifying glass to them, observed them, letting them immerse us in their special spirit. We want you to come and get to know us because you'd like to get closer to the people of Gijón and share their way of enjoying life in their city.