Magic is up to you (Hotel Les Charmettes)

Director: Denis Rochard

Producer: Denis Rochard



A writer is driving a 2 CV heading for Les Charmettes hotel in Saint-Malo in search of inspiration. One discovers a venue where 3 universes intertwine: reality, dream and the writer's imagination. The characters with animal heads and the writer are the threads which connect these parallel worlds. A waiter with a dog's head, named Majordog, looks after the guests as if this were normal, ladies walking in the sea carrying beach bags, a female dancer, a young girl who plays with her whirligig, a carriage drawn by a Percheron horse at the water's edge, the bridegroom who runs after his bride, a champagne bottle in his hand and a full-on kiss which goes on and on under obviously artificial rain. This hotel offers an open theatrical scene where stories sculpted by the dream- like characters are intertwined, whilst each one remains individual. Were these characters invented or real, were these scenes fictional or were they part of the day-to-day life of the hotel?


The hotel/restaurant Les Charmettes is a venue which offers excellent living and cultural offerings (happenings, concerts, exhibitions, art courses, introduction of creative artists). Its relationship with the art group Alice de Nantes came about naturally to create the film La magie dépend de vous (The magic relies on you) ?? the hotel's motto ?? the main objective of which is to illustrate the poetic universe of the venue. This collective creation co-developed with the art group Alice de Nantes , the music group Küdeta and the manager of the Charmettes, Fabrice Chauvel, features the hotel's employees, its partners and loyal customers, in a joint scene setting: poetry and daydreaming.