Alice in 7 Wonderlands

Director: DEC BBDO

Producer: Promotur Turismo de Canarias

Country: ESP


Canary Islands have a great diversity of trails and an incredible nature. And to show it in a different way we counted with the travel host and influencer: Alice Ford.
Alice in 7 Wonderlands is inspired by the Lewis Carroll's mythical tale where Ford lives her little adventure through the Canary archipelago in 7 different videos, bringing us the interactive experience to jump from one island to another.
At the end, Alice demonstrates us that these islands have 7 wonderlands full of routes.


Why Alice has to experience one wonderland when she can be in 7 different ones? The whole interactive video has the objective to show the diverse hiking routes the Canary Islands offer. During the experience the user has the possibility to be amazed by its nature and unique landscapes explained by Alice?s expertise.