Seize the Moment - Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa

Director: Petar Pasic

Producer: Ioanna Davi

Country: GRC


Santo Maris official video "Seize the Moment" was created to showcase first and foremost the natural beauty of Santorini and the philosophy of experience offered by this newly-built hotel. The main protagonist is a man whose thoughts take the audience on a journey of his own personal moments, emphasizing the importance of truly living in the moment, of taking the time to taste, feel and explore. The story filmed was an extension of the experience that each visitor may live when they visit Santo Maris - authentic, meaningful, personalized vacations even at the sometimes crowded Santorini island, one of the most renowned destinations in the world.


To create a hotel corporate video that will entice travelers to visit Santorini, explore its real beauty, and finally showcase the hospitality experience offered at Santo Maris.