Via Verde Costa

Director: Thomas Erdt

Producer: Thomas Erdt

Country: ES


This documental is a slideshow in English and with undertitels in Catalan with the aim to advertize for the contruccion of a bike path between - to be more exactly- Vinaros and LAmpolla. The possible connection to the Via Verde that starts in Tortosa could be essential for a sustainable tourism in this region. Of course it is not a professional movie, but I tried a good research at least.

I also try in the moment to get in contact with the responsibles of this sector, like the mayors of the region and Airbnb, who is searching for new posibilities in tourism in their so called Healthy Destination Lab.

Most of the Photos are selfmade with a Sony Alpha 7 Camera, other documents were open obtainable in the WEB.


I want to reach all kind of people who are intersted in alternative transportation and cycling not only as a daily sport event but also as an alternative to the frequent use of the car.