Visit Linz

Director: Sinisa Vidovic / Dinko Draganovic

Producer: Sinisa Vidovic

Producer Company:





Linz is a dynamic city on the Danube in the heart of Upper Austria. As a UNESCO City of Media Arts, the Linz tourist board puts an emphasis on modern and unconventional tourism marketing in its promotion of the city. That is why, together with film and video production company Forafilm, it has chosen to break new ground in the tourism film genre. Like a collage, the visitlinz promotional film interweaves the city’s many different sides to convey an authentic, complete picture. With a range of subjects encompassing culture, industry, gastronomy and nature, the film’s imagery highlights the modern, future-oriented identity of the city. At the same time, the energetic soundtrack maintains the sense of excitement and holds the viewer’s attention.


The objective was to produce a promotional film that does not present a tourist destination in a conventional style, but instead captures and reflects the zeitgeist and atmosphere of the city by means of a dynamic, creative work. As part of an extensive online campaign, the film is designed to motivate as many people as possible to take a city break in Linz.