I'm a Travel Brand - Thailand

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It's the second trip to Thailand for Imagens de Marca, but this time it's different experience. Luxury is curently one of the biggest goals for the differentiation and afirmation aiming for a whole new perception.

Going from island to island troughout paradisiac cenarios wich are the visit card for Thailand, we went to see how luxury and sustainability go side by side to the promotion of touristic products.

We did not forget Bangkok, that also registred a growing investement on the luxury tourism area. From hotels to restaurants with Michelin stars, from new shopping centers  to the growing luxury wholesales, this journey will show how a country filled with contrasts seeks today a more sophisticated consumer.


The prime objective with this video is to show a brand new reality on the Thailand tourism offer.

A growing strategy to claim a diferent target featuring a luxurious destination.

Change the old perpective from Thailand as a destiny that pleases overyone .