Tourism Communication


Productions of up to 10′ length. Each production can adhere to a maximum of 3 of the 17 categories proposed:

  1. Tourism Destinations: (Country. Region, City)
    The film promotes a tourist destination, be it a city, a region or a country

  2. Rural Destination
    The film promotes a rural destination or equipment located in a rural environment

  3. Cultural Destination
    The film promotes a destination as an asset of special cultural interest, whether it is a route or specific equipment

  4. Active and sport, nautical, snow and adventure tourism
    The film shows tourism activities linked to the practice of sport

  5. Expeditions and discovery
    The film illustrates itineraries where adventure and the spirit of discovery especially prevail

  6. Tourism Accommodation
    The film promotes equipment dedicated to visitor accommodation

  7. Health and wellness
    The film promotes equipment, destinations or routes that base its activity on the promotion of health and well-being

  8. Events
    The film documents an event linked to the tourist promotion of equipment, a city, a region or a country

  9. Business Tourism
    The film shows business or public initiatives dedicated to promoting business tourism

  10. Gastronomic Experiences and Wine Tourism
    The film illustrates the activities of private establishments or public agents to promote gastronomic or wine tourism

  11. Promotional productions of Film Commissions and Film Offices
    The film shows the specific promotional activity of the Film Commissions and Film Offices or illustrates the variety of locations in a city, region or country to become a location for filming audiovisual productions

  12. Authentic experiences, linked to the territory
    The film shows tourist activities with a strong personality, linked to a specific territory

  13. Accessible and Responsible Tourism
    The film illustrates tourist actions that stand out for their integrative nature or the promotion of accessibility to all types of people

  14. Business action
    The film shows business initiatives that stand out especially for their originality or ecological / social impact
  15. Innovation
    The film shows initiatives of public agents or private actors that stand out for their innovative and transformative vocation

  16. Tourism 3.0
    The film illustrates tourist actions linked to concepts such as VR, AR or 360º filming
  17. Travel Vlog
    The film is made by an indepenent producer and it’s part of the content of a travel video blog