Tokyo Wonderland

Director: Ryo Kimura

Producer: Makoto Kawamura

Producer Company: TFO llc


Client: TFO llc

Country: Japan


A photographer Mayu Ishikawa visits Hahajima Island in the Ogasawara Islands, a mysterious part in Tokyo.
Her photographs show the natural space she sensed through her viewfinder on this UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site as it is.

The film was produced by the team of Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s promotional film "What shall I shoot in Tokyo?”, which won the Gold in Tourism Products / Promotional Films of Film Commissions at Terres Travel Festival, as well as the Best Attractive Video Award at the Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival (JWTFF) in 2022.


The Ogasawara Islands tend to be often featured in tourism films for their beautiful Bonin Blue waters, but there are still many mysterious and beautiful locations on land as well.
This film is intended to attract tourists not only for leisure, but also for healing, to experience nature as it is, and to provide a stage for filmmakers from around the world to create their own works of art.