Journey of the Senses

Director: -

Producer: Joana Guedes

Producer Company: Creative Led

Agency: N/A

Client: Intermunicipal Community of the Coimbra Region

Country: Portugal


"Journey of the Senses" is an experiential film that takes you on a thrilling ride through the Coimbra region. Through an immersive rollercoaster simulation, you'll travel from the sea to the mountains, exploring stunning landscapes and discovering the vibrant emotions of this region.
Awaken all your senses and see the region as you've never seen it before, on a journey that passes so close to the waves of the Atlantic Ocean that you can almost feel the sea breeze, or that flies so high through the skies of the mountains that the breathtaking panoramic views will "take your breath away".


The experience film was conceived with the aim of being presented at FITUR, the Madrid International Tourism Fair, and BTL, the Lisbon Tourism Exchange, as a means of attracting the attention of visitors and promoting the region, making people want to discover the locations in the film.
The Coimbra Region Intermunicipal Community represents the 19 municipalities, all of which have different tourism products and different points of attraction, from the sea to the mountains to intangible heritage projects such as rural tourism and the "being a shepherd for a day" project. All this diversity is enriching, but it poses the challenge of being able to show it as a whole to be explored.
The aim of this film was to show all the natural, cultural and historical richness that the region has to offer, while at the same time captivating visitors with the experiences they might explore and the emotions they might feel when they visit the area "body and soul". It was thus intended to be an open door to attract tourists to visit a "region that wants to know you", a message launched in the campaign that accompanies the film and which includes information with GPS coordinates and information about the locations in the film.