It's Spectacular! It's for you!

Director: -

Producer: Claudio Abreu

Producer Company: Macaco Gordo Publicidade e Serviços Ltda


Client: Embratur

Country: Brazil


It´s continental size delivers the larger number of biomes in the world, a rich and diverse culture, fantastic weather throughout the year, breathtaking landscapes, 8 thousand kilometers of stunning beaches, a welcoming population and it´s attractions for any taste. Therefore, as the campaign´s slogan states: it´s spectacular! It´s for you!

The campaign not only promotes Brazil as a tourism, as introduces something totally unprecedent, never done before by any other public tourism board in the world: the promotion of a segment called Afroturism.


The film aims to not only promote tourist destinations, but also celebrate the rich Afro-Brazilian heritage and highlight the unique experiences offered to visitors.

Afrotourism, centered on the history, culture and contributions of people of African descent to Brazilian identity, is the main focus of this campaign, which seeks to increase tourist awareness and appreciation.