The Danish Zen

Director: -

Producer: Hamza El-Gourfti

Producer Company: New-Land

Agency: &Co

Client: VisitDenmark

Country: Denmark


Our hero film introduces the audience to The Danish Zen and the laid-back Danish mindset.

The film connects our "chill phrases" with The Danish Zen and demonstrates how we Danes live and work with a relaxed approach to life.
With humor, energetic editing, authentic footage, and a humorous tone, the film is tailor-made to perform effectively on social media.
We use unconventional techniques, such as mating rabbits and a bleating goat, to illustrate the Danish mentality.
These techniques are part of the humorous approach to the campaign and emphasize that we Danes don't take ourselves too seriously.
Whether it's about humor in marketing, winter bathing in freezing temperatures, saying "pyt" or trying home-picked oysters for the first time, we take it easy.
The film is a tribute to The Danish Zen and an invitation to experience the Danish lifestyle in Denmark.


The purpose is – through humor, a good twinkle in the eye and a strong local understanding of phenomena/behavior/talk of town in each market – to address situations or behaviors that can be considered the opposite of The Danish Zen. In other words, where you don't have a laid-back approach to life.
This gives us an obvious and eye-catching opportunity to draw attention to The Danish Zen – and at the same time emphasize the need to experience The Danish Zen in Denmark.