I feel guilty of your best moments

Director: -

Producer: Jekaterina Goluba

Producer Company: beon. Worldwide

Agency: N/A

Client: Ayuntamiento de Málaga. Área de Turismo

Country: Spain


   I feel guilty …of inspiring you to visit all types of gastronomic spaces: starting from a luxury restaurant to a tavern, hotel catering, markets, beach bars, cafes, ice - cream parlors, churro shops. I feel guilty of inviting you to visit more than 40 different museums, urban art, the cathedral, the Alcazaba, the Roman theater, palaces, churches, hotels, Muelle Uno, the Gibralfaro viewpoint, squares, avenues, promenades, theaters, cinemas, Botanical Garden, different points of the mountains of Malaga, the Costal Path, Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Malaga, several beaches. I feel guilty of inviting you to join luthiers' workshops, to enjoy flamenco shows, to discover bars and luxury stores. I feel guilty of your best moments not only during the day, but also at night, visiting the city by boat, bicycle or convertible in Christmas, Easter and Malaga Fair… "I feel guilty of your best moments" is a new tourism campaign of Malaga City aimed at the international market 2024. The leitmotif of the promotional action plays with the idea that the city of Malaga "feels guilty" for exceeding the expectations of the visitor and captivating the people who live experiences in the destination.
It is a "groundbreaking" concept, the positive guilt of the city that has absolutely everything. It´s like a “guilty plea”, the people of Malaga feel guilty for living here, in such an irresistible city, where it is worth working, living and investing.
Malaga does not beg anyone to visit it. Malaga is the great millenary city and every tourist is lucky to have an opportunity to visit it.
"I feel guilty of your best moments" – the campaign where the main objective is to show that it is a 365-day destination for everyone that offers experiences in differents segments: families, MICE, gastronomy, heritage, premium and luxury and much more.
The greatest achievement of Malaga City is that tourists who have visited Malaga confess that the best moments of their lives have been lived when they were here.


"I feel guilty of your best moments" – the campaign where the main objective is to show that it is a 365-day destination, for everyone: for families, congresses, gastronomy, heritage and much more.
By this campaign and with storytelling the promotional video pretends to achieve a city story that generates cross-sales by motivational segments. It is about showing the experience of the city from within since it is perceived that many people who come do not have high expectations: they do not expect it, and then express surprise: they feel that they do not want to leave. In this way, an underrated effect is unintentionally achieved, which on the one hand is a deficiency, but which becomes a virtue later.
More goals of the promotional video:
- Show the city in a more self-confident, less humble way, but from the honesty of the city.
- Tell about the good quality of life, vitality, openness in first person from the enjoyment of the city itself and according to the buyers.
- Excite: Make the visitors feel part of what people are doing.
- Show real people, from Malaga and other nationalities (that can be seen in their features in the video), since 150 nationalities come together to this open city.
- Break with the typical postcard campaigns, and create an impactful, “head-turning” campaign.
- Show the city of Malaga in a fresh, current way, without falling into clichés and showing its idiosyncrasy from the ground, from the street, and with a different rhythm, with very powerful light and groundbreaking music.
The city of Malaga pursuits to enchant the US, Asia and the Middle East markets with the aim of attracting travelers with the high purchasing power, interested in local culture and tradition, with a longer average stay, playing with the concept of positive guilt of the city that has absolutely everything to make them want to visit, live and invest in Malaga City.
In the end, the main goal of the campaign is to convey the guilt of Malaga by exceeding the expectations of those who visit it, to make them experience something that they did not even know could exist, to make them from now only think about returning to Malaga.