Holidays in Austria - a Lebensgefühl

Director: -

Producer: Melanie Bergauer

Producer Company: Kaiserschnitt Film GmbH

Agency: Wien Nord Serviceplan

Client: Austrian National Tourist Office

Country: Austria


Tradition interpreted in a modern way. Emotional moments fearlessly told. An exuberant vibe. A feeling. Lebensgefühl Austria.

We show the real living Austria, vibrating with life and yet calm and soothing. A film full of contrasts. From the mountain peaks to the valleys, and from the city to the countryside. Showcasing Austria's "Lebensgefühl", it is a film that will attract visitors from abroad, yet at the same time it will amaze all Austrians as they’ll see their country as they’ve never seen it before! Bold and exciting perspectives are captured with classic tracking shots, FPV drones, macro lenses, underwater cameras and cell phone videos used discreetly combined with creative transitions. A film so diverse, eventful, and worth seeing, just like Austria itself.


Austria is a country of great diversity. Nature, culture and culinary delights all work together to make a holiday in Austria a memorable and personal experience. This is made all the more valuable when one mingles with the Austrian people, no matter how brief or how often the encounters with the locals are. The "real thing" is really authentic in Austria and can be found on every corner. It’s a country that inspires visitors to immerse in genuine experiences, so as to really feel the different facets of local life. A conscious feeling of taking part, of being present, of being grounded. Within the framework of a unique and bold global campaign, this feeling whets the appetite to come and spend a holiday in Austria.