Director: -

Producer: Trinidad Rodríguez Morales

Producer Company: Vivian Films

Agency: Chârles Barcelona

Client: Catalan Tourist Board

Country: Spain


Twin sisters show us the benefits of Catalonia as a top destination for meeting tourism in all its aspects. One represents the spirit of business, while the other represents leisure and small, informal gatherings. A fun dialogue is established between the two that highlights the wide range of options that Catalonia has to offer the professional visitor: events, venues, research, industry, technology... but also the climate, landscape, food and culture. A fifty-fifty destination.


Disseminating and promoting meeting tourism in Catalonia to the international market at any time of the year contributing to deseasonalisation, decentralisation, diversification and increased spending. It also seeks to enhance environmentally sustainable practices and those based on brand values: innovation, inclusion, proactiveness, positivity, commitment and global vision.

In addition, it highlights the region’s diversity both for holding business gatherings and enjoying the most avant-garde events.