Wroclaw: City of Adventure

Director: -

Producer: Alfred Wagner

Producer Company: Grupa MagicLine

Agency: N/A

Client: Wroclaw Tourism Organization

Country: Poland


"Wroclaw: City of Adventure" is a thrilling cinematic journey that combines the excitement of an adventure film with the rich historical tapestry of Wroclaw, a city that holds secrets dating back to the XII century. The film, stylized as a trailer for an epic adventure movie, follows the protagonists, Filip and Natalia, as they embark on a quest to uncover a long-lost treasure hidden for centuries. The film seamlessly integrates historical facts with a captivating fictional narrative, urging tourists to uncover the hidden gems that make Wroclaw a city of endless adventure and discovery.


Our main goal, was to highlight the values and characteristics that are important in the city of Wrocław. More than a thousand years of history associated with various nations has left its lasting imprint in architecture, culture, culinary and other aspects of city life. We encourage you to travel back in time and discover all those secrets that are hidden in almost every corner of Wrocław. In addition, the spot shows that it is impossible to get bored in Wrocław! The number and quality of attractions and diverse places that you can visit during your stay is clearly shown.