Once Upon a Time in Vilnius

Director: -

Producer: Živilė Diavara

Producer Company: Menu fabrikas

Agency: Atvira galerija

Client: Go Vilnius

Country: Lithuania


700th anniversary of Vilnius, 7 video campaign, 7 lives of heroes and the diverse authenticity of Vilnius.
The campaign testifies that the city is people, because who knows the city better than those who live, work, create or experience it. Each video is a short story that will help you see Vilnius through the eyes of 7 characters, the heroes of the video enriched by other people's eyes. All heroes and their stories are very different, authentic, vivid - just like Vilnius itself.


With these video series we want to show Vilnius diversity, authenticity and character through the eyes of 7 carefully selected heroes, representing different ages, sexes, professions, living areas and social statuses, showing the world the real Vilnius as it is. Letting the viewer experience not only the facade, but also the authenticity and diverse spectrum of the city's faces through innovative means inclosing Vilnius residents and city guests into the movies' creation.