For Sure, they are from the north.

Director: -

Producer: Telmo Martins

Producer Company: Lobby Films and Advertising

Agency: Caetsu Two

Client: Turismo da Porto e Norte

Country: Portugal


In Porto and the North of Portugal there are unique spaces, with an intense soul and full heart. But more than the territory, the experiences and the gastronomy, there is something there that you don't see anywhere else, the people of Porto and the North. Unique, who welcome everyone with a smile on their face and a warm, strong hug.


Promote a territory of unique, special people, with open hearts and arms to welcome anyone who arrives with a tight hug. People who always open their doors with a smile on their faces, ready to make friends. The campaign, divided into four sub-regions, with different specificities, aims to communicate in one of them, complementing itself in a 5 film Global.