Caldas da Rainha Magnificent

Director: -

Producer: Vera Branco Marques

Producer Company: Eureka Films

Agency: N/A

Client: Câmara Municipal das Caldas da Rainha

Country: Portugal


Caldas da Rainha Magnifica is a promotional film about Caldas da Rainha, the Thermal and Creative city of UNESCO, based on the touristic craft endogenous resources of the territory, with a disruptive creative approach to the weather of this region.
The team came to the city to compete in the ART&FACTORY, with the challenge to film the best promotional tourist film about Caldas da Rainha, however, the weather in October in this region is very unpredictable. The rain was their biggest problem, not allowing them to film what they came for, so they were forced to change their plans…


Promote the indoor tourist attractions in Caldas da Rainha, transforming the obstacle of the rainy weather into an opportunity, focusing on the 9 art museums, several craft workshops, experiences, hotels, restaurants, etc.
The host of the film, Bordalo Pinheiro, guides us with his charming voice and charismatic style, as this represents the resilience and genius of this artistic city.