Carinthia - Do what you love…

Director: -

Producer: Katrin Schwarzkogler

Producer Company: Monte Nero Productions GmbH

Agency: SAINT ELMO’S Germany GmbH & Co. KG

Client: Werbung Marketing & Innovationsmanagement GmbH

Country: Austria


A granddaughter and her grandfather write a bucket list of their vacation wishes, which they would love to experience together on their vacation - it's all about emotions. These are very personal things that they have always wanted to experience and feelings that they long for. This list includes sleeping under the stars, experiencing freedom, seeing wild animals, doing something crazy, and feeling like a child again.


The film is intended to show that Carinthia is a relaxed region where you can fulfill long-cherished vacation wishes and experience intense positive feelings the easygoing way.
Our goal is to fulfill the desire to relax and enjoy a holiday together without external constraints or overthinking. The focus is on the performers' tangible emotions.
The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on society. Strict rules were imposed, limiting personal freedom and creating a constant sense of insecurity. As a result, people were compelled to act based on their rational thinking rather than their instincts. The concept of 'freedom' will likely remain a crucial factor in leisure behavior. After a phase of relaxation, the desire for joy and authentic emotions will become more important in the future.