Director: -

Producer: Telmo Martins

Producer Company: Lobby Films and Advertising

Agency: N/A

Client: Serralves Museum

Country: Portugal


I first visited the Serralves Gardens when I was around 8 or 9 years old. I still remember today what I felt. Surprise, astonishment, discovery, corners, magic, its mysterious side that transports us to many films and stimulates the imagination. The Serralves Gardens go beyond images, history and words, placing themselves in the space of magic and fantasy. It is this energy, this feeling, that I put into this film, and I celebrate the gardeners who keep this space alive.


Promote a unique space in the city of Porto and celebrate its centenary, the Serralves Gardens. A space with a rich history in the panorama of Portuguese landscape, artistic and cultural architecture. Bringing the world's population to culture, nature, the beauty of gardens designed by the greatest landscape architect in the world, to the Serralves contemporary art museum, and to the magic of a space that is like people, alive, breathing, and calls us to him.