Discover the new Green Valencia filter

Director: -

Producer: Pepa Jordá

Producer Company: Connectar

Agency: N/A

Client: Fundación Visit València de la Comunitat Valenciana

Country: Spain


A girl from a graphic design studio in Germany travels to Valencia to see why the IA is not able to capture the "green filter" of the city. Once there, she discovers that that green is not just a filter, but is part of the landscape, its land and its people. She discovers that this "green filter" is not just a color, but an emotion.


In 2024, Valencia will be European Green Capital. This video tries to explain why. Valencia is located in a privileged location, a unique crossroads between four great systems - the Mediterranean, the Turia, the Albufera and the orchard - that give rise to extraordinary health assets and environmental services, and that have shaped its history and essence of its people. Valencia becomes a reference for Spain and Europe, the first Mediterranean city to receive this recognition, a reason for pride and an encouragement to continue building a clean, healthy, green and welcoming city.