Stay with Us - Taiwan Hotels

Director: Manson Chang, I-Hui Lee

Producer: Ray Wen

Producer Company: Favula Inc.

Agency: Favula Inc.

Client: Tourism Administration, MOTC

Country: Taiwan


A smooth, seamless customer service takes effort. Attentions to small details, anticipate customers’ needs and the smile on their faces, are how staffs provide customers the best hospitality. Come spend a night in Taiwan, and let us make your stay an extraordinary experience. 


To promote hotels in Taiwan, reminding worldwide travelers that Taiwan offers various welcoming and delightful places to stay. 

From the perspective of a hotel staff, we show how the staffs dedicate themselves just to provide the best service for their customers. On the other hand, this film also encourage youngsters to join and be a part of the hotel crews, adding young blood to the accommodation industry.