Taste the Beautiful side of life

Director: -

Producer: Alejandro Montalvo

Producer Company: Empirica Studio

Agency: Mad and Math

Client: Baja California Tourism Board

Country: Mexico


This is a message for all those who visit us and seek to try the gastronomy of Baja California. We live in a privileged place, where our mares, deserts and valleys, give us the necessary ingredients to cook with the freshness that proximity offers you. In Baia California, cooking is our identity and you can find it on corner carts, in the markets and at meals with friends and family. Here, no matter who you are or where you come from, you will always have a place at our table. We invite you to eat in Baja California and discover the most revolutionary gastronomy in Mexico.


The Tourism Board of the State of Baja California wants to invite all travelers & culinary-enthusiasts to experience the best cuisine of Mexico has to offer by getting acquainted & visiting the seven cities of Baja California and taste the -Beautiful side of life.