From Garden to Heaven #tasteslovenia

Director: -

Producer: Tina Sracnjek

Producer Company: Tent production house

Agency: N/A

Client: Slovenian Tourist Board

Country: Slovenia


Slovenian gastronomy is known for embracing the “farm-to-table” philosophy. In this immersive video, we journey behind the scenes into the world of biodynamic suppliers. Meet Jeanne Dumas Chalifour from Canada and Matteo Monterumisi from Italy, who chose the village of Srednje in the Soča Valley to delve into biodynamic farming and goat rearing. Farming, for them, is a canvas for artistic expression, a sentiment they share with Ana Roš, one of the world's best chefs, from Hiša Franko. Together, they curate sustainable gastronomic experiences, bringing the essence of their garden to the table.


The primary goal of this video is to highlight the essence of Slovenian sustainable gastronomy and the crucial role of short supply chains in Slovenia. Through capturing everyday scenes, the video beautifully portrays the deep connection between top chef Ana Roš and her local suppliers, highlighting the farm-to-table approach integral to sustainable gastronomy. In Slovenia, numerous restaurants are part of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism. By holding the prestigious Slovenia Green Cuisine label, they demonstrate their dedication to responsible culinary practices.