Lithuania. Co-create Experiences

Director: -

Producer: Laura Zickute

Producer Company: Wide Wings

Agency: N/A

Client: Lithuania Travel

Country: Lithuania


From having a tethered walk on top of the Vilnius TV Tower deck to cycling amongst the dunes on the Curonian Split, the people in the videos are creating experiences together. Together with others. Together with Lithuania’s nature. Together with their friends, loved ones, and themselves. In tranquil spas and serene forests, on bustling streets and on pristine beaches – wherever you choose to go, and whatever you choose to do, there’s always an experience for you to discover and co-create.


What bridges emotions, memories, and experiences? We asked ourselves this question when preparing this series. Is it the people who surround us? The rapid shifts in ambiance and settings? The incessant desire to see what’s waiting around the corner? Or maybe everything together. We wanted to capture the awe and wonder of people exploring Lithuania through different emotions – adrenaline, serenity, inspiration, delight, and happiness. This is how experiences are co-created and shared.