Discover the mysterious Lower Silesia

Director: -

Producer: Justyna Butryn

Producer Company: People Films

Agency: N/A

Client: Województwo Dolnośląskie, Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Dolnośląskiego (Marshal's Office Of Lower Silesia)

Country: Poland


Hospitality, mystery, diversity, discovery! Fantasy, openness and connection. We send thousands of invitations to Lower Silesia around the world. These are invitations from the residents themselves. We allow you to experience the secrets of the region by enclosing its fragments in letters - paper airplanes sent to the world. We discover Lower Silesia, following mysterious undergrounds, amazing mountain trails, deserts, castles and health resorts. Thousands of colorful paper airplanes fly through Lower Silesia. Each of them is a separate message, another puzzle to solve. Others join in from different directions and create a joyful domino effect. Each plane represents a must-see place in Lower Silesia. Invitations from residents were created based on the fascination with the beauty of nature, monuments and people, collected in words of invitations and reflections. Lower Silesia appears from a distance - a flying plane, but also from the level of people sending messages. Paper airplanes attract the attention of more and more people, who attach their invitations to visit their own unique places in the Region. Each subsequent invitation increases the effect. The camera is the active hero of the film's action. There are no limits for him - he darts towards the sky, dives into the water and constantly tricks our senses. Flying is more than just overcoming distances: it is communication, because traveling is about experiencing new relationships. Travel is a kind of combination of gliding, fantasy, connection and imagination. It allows you to feel freedom and experience adventure.
Words create sentences that come alive and inspire people to travel. It allows for the exchange of experiences. It brings joy, wonder and fulfillment. However, Lower Silesia is a region not to be told. You have to touch its secrets. Get to know its inhabitants. That's why we say: see you soon!


Openness, connection, communication - regardless of age, place of origin, life situation. Smile, dreams, words and curiosity of other people connect people, reduce distance, fascinate and lead to unity. Not only places, but above all people can become the greatest inspiration to discover new places.
The aim of the campaign is to show the diversity and openness of the Lower Silesia region. Paper airplanes are a symbol of invitations and messages from the hospitable inhabitants of Lower Silesia. They invite those who have not yet discovered them to their personal, secret, important places. By sharing experiences and thoughts with an open mind and heart.