Tortosa One step away from…

Director: -

Producer: Oriol Segarra

Producer Company: Films Nómades

Agency: N/A

Client: Ajuntament de Tortosa - Tortosa City Council

Country: Spain


Are you looking for the perfect destination to have an unforgettable experience? Get ready to discover a hidden gem that will leave you speechless. Tortosa, a unique place, awaits you just a step away.
Immerse yourself in its history and let yourself be captivated by its charming streets, witnesses to centuries of tradition and culture. But that's not all because in Tortosa, you will also find unparalleled surprises.
Imagine wandering through the corners of Tortosa and feeling the magic of the city take over you. From the majesty of its cathedral to the beauty of the Ebro River that surrounds it, every moment in Tortosa is an experience that awakens your senses and connects you with the essence of life.
Tortosa invites you to enjoy exquisite gastronomy, immerse yourself in its festivals, and let yourself be carried away by the passion of its people. Are you ready to feel free and live intensely? Tortosa is just a step away from becoming your favorite destination.
Remember, in Tortosa, every step you take leads you to a unique experience, to a place where emotions awaken in every corner. Don't wait any longer; the destination is waiting for you. Tortosa, just a step away from surprising you.

The campaign combines different experiences that can be lived in the city with the following slogans:
Tortosa One step away from living intensely Tortosa One step away from finding yourself Tortosa One step away from discovering history Tortosa One step away from a surprise Tortosa One step away from unwinding Tortosa One step away from feeling free Tortosa One step away from having fun Tortosa One step away from being thrilled Tortosa One step away from dreaming.


The objectives of the campaign are to present Tortosa as a very close destination, where only a small effort (one step) is needed to enjoy numerous experiences, both cultural and active tourism, in a city that is in a privileged position. Located in the heart of the Terres de l'Ebre, a Biosphere Reserve, crossed by the Ebro River and surrounded by the natural parks of the Ebro Delta and El Port, it is an ideal getaway that is just a step away from a great vacation.
The goal is to achieve brand awareness through a rich and varied offering of possibilities for activities during their stay.