Hakka Reunites Us Once More

Director: Bruce Wang, I-Hui Lee

Producer: Ray Wen

Producer Company: Favula Inc.

Agency: Favula Inc.

Client: Taoyuan City Government

Country: Taiwan


Hakka, is more than just a Chinese ethnic group, but also a spirit represents both welcoming and unyielding. Hakka people are distributed every city and nation, their culture and characteristic held them together no matter the distance between them. Optimism and diligent runs in their veins, they share an unbreakable bond that unites them as a proud Hakka. Come meet at 2023 HAKKA EXPO


To promote 2023 HAKKA EXPO, the world's first exposition centering on the Hakka ethnic group and culture.After more than four hundred years on the island, Taiwan’s Hakka people still exist as a solid and unified community. We captured traditional Hakka cuisines, architectures, arts and their welcoming characteristic, aims to share their culture to the world.