Switzerland Tourism. Autumn for our senses

Director: -

Producer: Michèle Pfister

Producer Company: stories AG

Agency: Metzger Ro?mann Bürge Partner

Client: Switzerland Tourism

Country: Switzerland


Embark on a sensorial journey through the Swiss autumn with blind comedian Jamie MacDonald and his friend Julia Sutherland. Our film captures the essence of the season, blending light charm with mischievous poetry.
Jamie's unique perspec?ve adds depth, revealing the intensity of Swiss landscapes. This visually striking and humorous piece not only showcases the beauty of the country experienced through heightened senses but also posi?ons Switzerland as the perfect holiday des?na?on in autumn. Offering a cap?va?ng ode to the season's profound beauty and sensory richness.


The film aims to leverage Switzerland's autumn tourism poten?al, iden?fied through research indica?ng guest demand and industry capacity. Switzerland Tourism recognizes this opportunity for the en?re country, ac?vely promo?ng autumn as a standalone travel season. This aligns with the broader goal of fostering year-round tourism for a sustainable tourism development within Switzerland. The campaign strategically highlights the unique advantages of visi?ng the country from September to November, presen?ng autumn as a special, sensorial travel experience.