Director: -

Producer: Megan Miller

Producer Company: Circle Produc?ons

Agency: C&B Advertising

Client: Travel Alberta

Country: Canada


If you’ve ever seen the northern lights, you know they can be so magical they look as if painted onto the sky. “Sky Painter” is a tribute to nature’s brilliance and ar?stry. The video features an Indigenous ar?st who seems to be able to paint the vivid colours of the aurora borealis across Alberta’s dark skies. It captures a moment in ?me when people engaging in various winter ac?vi?es across the province’s diverse landscapes witness his brushstrokes stretching across the horizon. Cross-country skiers, rural hockey players, frozen waterfall chasers, and hot tub stargazers are at once awed by the wild skies before them.
This story showcases why we call this province “Canada’s Wild Side.” It’s a place that rewards the bold and adventurous—those who do things a litle differently.


Our consistent brand strategy is to drive awareness of Alberta as a tourism des?na?on and ac?vate the “Canada’s Wild Side” brand. We do this, as seen in “Sky Painter” and all Travel Alberta campaigns, through emo?onally led crea?ve that inspires and brings our unique personality to life.
Our seasonal strategy was to atract travellers in the winter and shoulder seasons. With the province’s famously cold climate, achieving this can be a challenge. We met it by crea?ng a compelling story around our key winter offerings and the top-ranking trip driver for our audience: Alberta’s northern lights and Dark-Sky Preserves.