The Taiwan Host Guide - Freedom

Director: I-Hui Lee, Manson Chang

Producer: Ray Wen

Producer Company: Favula Inc.

Agency: Favula Inc.

Client: Tourism Administration, MOTC

Country: Taiwan


To pursue the dream of living in the nature, Mr. Bo left Taipei and brought his family all the way to the suburb of Miaoli. It took a decade for Mr. Bo to build his dream place from the ground up, along with his wife’s and daughter’s support.

This is a place that carries Mr. Bo’s dreams and passion, and he is more than happy to share his place with everyone.


To promote the brand “Taiwan Hosts” as high quality B&Bs that are legally operated and authenticated by Taiwan government.

We visit one of the most distinctive guesthouse in Taiwan, discovered the story and history about the host and his family. Through the touching story, we get to know more about his passion and vision.