The landscape we choose

Director: -

Producer: Beatriz Silvestre

Producer Company: Rota Vicentina Association

Agency: -

Client: Rota Vicentina Association

Country: Portugal


A journey along the southwest coast of Portugal through the lens of its landscape. In a local country house, an enthusiastic conversation over lunch, among some of the key characters of Rota Vicentina’s network, gives us the lineup.
Subjects like the agriculture as the main shaper of the countryside’s looks and healthy life, the choices of the consumers that eat the local products, the cork forest as the main responsible for the biodiversity in that ecosystem or the cooperatives as solutions for connecting the smallest dots are brought up, with lightness as much as sharpness. Tourism is always in the background, telling us how it can be part of the solution for balanced and strong rural areas in the future.


Rota Vicentina celebrates its 10th anniversary, assuming its role among the tourism leading players, in what concerns responsibility toward the hosting communities and their beloved environment. This film pushes promotional videos to a new level, bringing consciousness over a deeply holistic perspective, which is the basics of tourism as we need it. Its goal is also to provoke partners and other destinations to lighten the subject, assuming we cannot keep talking about tourism as a sector closed in itself.