NURI The fisherman’s daughter

Director: -

Producer: Thomas Dirnhofer

Producer Company: -

Agency: Dirnhofer Filmproduktion

Client: NURI "The fisherman's daughter"

Country: Portugal


The story follows a Portuguese woman living in NYC. It's her birthday, but she can't reach her dad - a
professional fisherman living in a small village on the Portuguese coast - for their traditional phone call. Informed by the news that a heavy storm front will hit the coast, she gets worried, and is carried away by her anxious thoughts, until...
someone rings the doorbell.


We show this movie as an opening film in the PINHAIS Factory Tour. Pinhais is the last existing sardine factory in Portugal, that still manufactures sardines in the traditional, artisanal method under its iconic brand NURI. This film stands as an attunement for the factory visitors.
The Portuguese mentality refers a lot to "Saudade". Saudade is a Portuguese word for a sad state of intense longing for someone or something. It also is described as a kind of melancholic yearning.
We want to combine this very emotional atitude to life on the Atlantic coast with our Brand NURI. So, we created this movie that addresses a common situation for Portuguese people - living in a diaspora, far away from home, and longing for their loved ones.