Halubajski zvončari bell ringers

Director: Krešimir Černeka

Producer: Krešimir Černeka

Producer Company: Creative Media

Agency: -

Client: Viškovo Tourist Board

Country: Croatia


Carnival time in Viškovo, known locally as the ‘fifth season’ or pust, lasts from the Feast Day of St Anthony (17 January) until Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. During this period, the Halubajski Zvončari Bell Ringers go on their traditional three-day pageant: on Shrove Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (the days before Ash Wednesday), they visit many villages in the areas of the Municipality of Viškovo, the Town of Kastav and the City of Rijeka. The pageant begins each day in the village of Marčelji in the early morning and lasts until the late evening hours. The bell ringers visit about twenty villages a day, stopping in each one to refresh themselves and to meet their hosts, which increases community spirit and helps preserve this living heritage. This is the tradition that is shown in Viškovo Tourist Board’s ‘Halubajski Zvončari Bell Ringers’ short documentary-promotional film, produced by Creative Media. The film crew followed the Halubajski Zvončari Bell Ringers during their pageant, and the many hours of recorded material have been effectively compressed in a two-minute format suitable for tourist promotion. The film is distinguished by its artistic scenes intertwined with a soundtrack as well as the sound of the bells of the Halubajski Zvončari and the performance of accompanying musicians. The combination of eye-catching footage and musical background form a unique presentation of this UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, arousing both curiosity and interest in visiting and exploring Viškovo.


The promotional film aims to present and promote in a unique way the municipality of Viškovo as an area with as many as four intangible cultural assets inscribed on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Also, the film promotes tourism, cultural heritage and living tradition. It documents the protected intangible cultural heritage, and sustains and supports the preservation of heritage and customs. The goal is to create a motivation for visits and to promote tourism in Viškovo and Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.