Operation 4

Director: Danijel Bolic

Producer: Danijel Bolić

Producer Company: Beep Films

Agency: -

Client: Town of Omiš Tourist board, Petra Bartulović (Visit Omis)

Country: Croatia


Mate and Mila, two children from Omiš, get the news that their most famous fellow citizen – football player Ivan Perišić –  has arrived in town and set off looking for him, taking viewers along for the ride through different scenes and locations of the town and its surroundings. When all seems lost and they almost give up hope of finding him, he finds them, and they end up playing football at the 13th-century Tower of Peovica (Mirabela).


The team involved in the making of the video were mostly local volunteers: an academy-trained painter and artist from Omiš, kids from the town’s amateur theatre group, an association promoting local culture and history, a women's klapa group, the local volleyball club, a local artist who builds wooden boat models, a seller at the town’s farmers market and a local family farm owner who prepares the traditional soparnik pie. It is precisely such involvement of locals that we see as the greatest value of this video.