Director: Sanel Isanović

Producer: Sanel Isanović

Producer Company: Level 52 d.o.o.


Client: Tourist Board of the town of Novalja

Country: Croatia


The video shows the natural beauty of the island of Pag through the protagonist's activities in nature and authentic locations that tourists can only visit on the island. The video shows the experience of being outdoors through short, striking scenes from the proposed locations, such as rocky landscapes, the combination of sea and stone, roads through forests and fields, and incredible views of the harsh landscape. With original music and a narrator telling the inspirational story of the protagonist, the video calls viewers to action. The protagonists have a mission to explore locations and go on an adventure, while the narrator simultaneously talks about the inner desire and motivation that encourages us as a species to explore and conquer new spaces.


Promotion of outdoor acivities on the island of Pag, Croatia through shots of nature that can only be experienced on the island. Cycling, hiking, kayaking and climbing activities are located in the unique rugged landscape of the island of Pag and invite the viewer to an adventure.