Producer: Spomenka Saraga

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Client: Spomenka Saraga

Country: Croatia


Through a romantic story, we invite tourists to come and visit the Konavle region. Those who have already been should come again, and those who haven't should come and visit this wonderful region on the south of Croatia.
Konavle is a region with particular natural beauties and contrasts: mountains and valleys, green hills and natural stone. The region is surrounded with Konavle mountains in the North, Adriatic Sea in the South, Bay of Kotor and the peninsula of Prevlaka in the East, and it inclines down to the cosy coves of Obod and Cavtat towards West. Why Konavle? The preserved natural, unique and exceptionally precious rural architecture, numerous monuments of the thousand-year-old history of this area and traditions that are hundreds of years old that have been kept through folklore. The distinctive traditional costumes of Konavle and the Konavle embroidery, the harmony of human life and the nature - all this renders Konavle unique and recognisable.