Playful memories

Director: Sanel Isanović

Producer: Sanel Isanović

Producer Company: Level 52

Agency: -

Client: -

Country: Croatia


The film "Playful Memories (Your Perfect Playground)" is an inspiring story about various outdoor activities and adventures available to lovers of nature and extreme sports in the idyllic surroundings of Istria. The story follows four different groups of people as they prepare and engage in different activities such as climbing, kayaking, trail running and Nordic walking, exploring five locations in Istria, including Rovinj, Bale, Vrsar, Svetvinčent and Kanfanar.

The film aims to inspire and attract those who enjoy outdoor sports, highlighting the natural beauty and adventurous spirit of Istria. Viewers are drawn into a story that moves from rocky cliffs to peaceful beaches, from historical sites to wild nature, conveying a sense of adventure and community among the protagonists.

The climax of the film is the meeting of all the characters in the meadow where they share their experiences and rest after a day filled with excitement and challenges. This moment reflects the spirit of community and the variety of activities offered by this beautiful area of the Istrian peninsula.


The primary objective of the film "Playful Memories (Your Perfect Playground)" is to showcase the variety of outdoor activities available in the beautiful surroundings of Istria. By following four different groups of people, the film highlights the world of climbing, kayaking, trail running, and Nordic walking. The presentations of rock climbing, kayaking along the coast, running through the forest, and Nordic walking through historical sites bring to life the variety of adventures available in the areas of Rovinj, Kanfanar, Vrsar, Bala, and Svetvinčent.

The film aims to convey a sense of adventure and community among nature lovers by illustrating the preparation and experiences of the protagonists. By the end of the film, everyone meets in the meadow to share their stories and experiences, emphasizing the communal aspect of these activities.

Additionally, the film aims to promote the innovative use of sound, known as Audio UX, in tourism marketing. By showcasing the emerging importance of Audio UX on the global stage, the film highlights how sound can be a powerful tool in both physical and digital spaces.