Madwaleni River Lodge promo

Director: Nicola Gerrard

Producer: -

Producer Company: Love Africa Marketing

Agency: Love Africa Marketing

Client: Babanango Game Reserve

Country: South Africa


Babanango Game Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal proudly announced the opening of its newest ultra-luxury tented lodge, Madwaleni River Lodge, in September 2023. This addition marks the fourth and most prestigious lodge in the spectacular 20 000 hectare Big 5 Game Reserve and is perfectly positioned along the banks of the iconic White Umfolozi River. Love Africa Marketing filmed and produced a short promotional teaser video to showcase the key design, layout and architectural elements of the lodge as part of the national and international launch campaign for the lodge.   


To ensure a successful launch of the lodge, online and offline, a full marketing strategy was created. Part of this strategy was professional film - acknowledging the necessity and high impact that video has on communications. This promo video was produced to be a key output across digital platforms for the launch and to accompany the press release for media. The film itself focuses on the detailed elements of the lodge and the rooms without giving too much away - to pique the interest in the pre launch phase of the opening.

Nestled in the heart of Zululand, KwaZulu-Natal; Madwaleni River Lodge features 12 luxury tents, accommodating a maximum of 24 guests. The lodge takes its name from the isiZulu phrase meaning “The place of the rock,” paying homage to the picturesque granolithic mountains found in the reserve. Madwaleni River Lodge possesses a wealth of history, not just through the individuals who have traversed its grounds, but also within the very essence of the land it occupies. The landscape surrounding the lodge boasts some of the oldest geological formations on Earth, with some rocks dating back 3.4 billion years.

The architectural design, skillfully transforms cultural symbols into modern interpretations. Drawing inspiration from the Zulu warrior shield, the design incorporates elements such as the slender yet robust spear, the bold yet graceful curvature of the shield, and the rhythmic movements of the river. Through this architectural expression, it has managed to tell the story of the people, the sense of place and passage of time the lodge embodies, paying homage to the collective experiences it has witnessed.