Hamad International Airport Campaign

Director: -

Producer: -

Producer Company: Breakout Films

Agency: M&C Saatchi MENA

Client: Hamad International Airport

Country: Qatar


Hamad International Airport, Qatar, wanted to launch a global campaign celebrating the first anniversary of its ‘Orchard’ indoor tropical garden. This campaign was part of a longer-term strategy to change the perception of what an airport can be, from a place to catch a plane, to an experiential destination i – as such, the campaign needed to be engaging, immersive and aspirational - a rich sensory taster of Orchard that conveyed rejuvenation to weary travelers.


Give travelers and prospective travelers a taster of the rejuvenating experience that awaits them at Orchard, the indoor tropical garden, at the heart of Hamad International Airports new expansion. Position Orchard as an aspirational destination, driving a strong desire to experience it and in doing so, influence travelers to connect through Hamad International Airport on their next long-haul flight.