Zaragoza sabe bien

Director: Itziar del Río

Producer: Loreto Ormad

Producer Company: SinPalabras Creativos

Agency: SinPalabras Creativos

Client: Patronato Municipal de Turismo. Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza

Country: Spain


‘Zaragoza Tastes Good’ is a spot created for the Tourism Department of the Zaragoza City Council
that takes us to the heart of the Aragonese capital, a city where gastronomy and history intertwine
in a unique experience for visitors. The story follows the same protagonist from the previous Tou-
rism campaign, ‘The Origin of Genius,’ thus maintaining the spirit and fresh, charismatic character
of the actress. She guides us through the iconic places of the city, blending the urban poetry of the
narration, music, and sound effects. Each scene is carefully designed to showcase the joy, pleasure,
and excitement of discovering Zaragoza.






The video aims to increase the city’s visibility on the international and national stage, inspiring
viewers to visit and experience its unique offerings. By showcasing the richness of its cuisine and
the charm of its historic streets, it attracts a diverse audience and promotes tourism in the region.
Additionally, the spot creates an emotional connection with the audience, using an energetic narra-
tive that resonates especially with young people. Ultimately, it strengthens Zaragoza’s identity as a
lively place capable of offering unforgettable moments to all its visitors.